Let’s begin with a conversation about your

married name choices!

Lets begin with a conversation about your married name choices

I began the Married Name Choices project to help women understand that their worth, identity and place in society is equal to the man she's about to marry.

Whether it’s keeping their own name, taking their husband’s name, hyphenating, merging or asking their fiancé to take her name, there is no right or wrong answer. What is important is knowing all options available, including asking him to take your name, and having a conversation with your fiancé so resentment and hostility doesn’t brew underneath the surface. In this community, women have the opportunity to consider different choices, hear from other women and search their own thoughts and feelings about what married name they’d like to choose.

Melania Joy Murphy

Let’s get to know one another…

I'm Melanie

With a degree in applied behavioral science, I’m interested in knowing what causes women and men to hold on to the tradition of women taking the husband’s name so tightly and defend it so fiercely.

What would happen if women boldly convinced themselves that their worth, identity, family history and place in society were equal to that of the men they marry? What shift would happen in ourselves, our families, our society?

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Would you like to discuss your married name options or ask questions with a neutral third party who is not involved in family drama and only wants the best for you? Sign up for a free 30-minute private coaching session with Melania

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Do you have a group of friends who would love to explore the topic of choosing a married name, maybe even a bridal shower or birthday party? Melania hosts one or two-hour virtual sessions filled with bridal, wedding and women’s history trivia, games and fun-filled, information-packed activities and answers your questions.

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